We are Monia and Michał and we love traveling and good food. In 2020 we set off on a trip around Europe in our vintage campervan. In all the countries we visited, we tried local plant products and quickly noticed the same problem everywhere - there is a lack of tasty and protein-rich alternatives to cheese. When we discovered delicious lupine in Portugal, we knew it had to be made into something SERIO'US!

  • Protein

    Traditional cheese is an important source of protein in the diet. That's why we want SERio to be a plant alternative that will provide us with protein.

  • Locality

    SERio it is not made from exotic products. Our lupine is grown in Europe. We know, it's still a long way, but soon we will grow it in Poland!

  • Composition

    We wanted to create a plant-based product that would be nutritionally balanced. A good ingredients list is the most important for us. We're fed up with fatty cheese substitutes!


We have been following a plant-based diet for over five years and our mission is to promote this lifestyle. Why? Apart from our love for animals, we believe that limiting animal products such as dairy products and meat is the simplest and most effective thing each of us can do for the planet.